Why, hello there! My name is Megan Sharbono (Shar-Buh-No) and I am a proud resident of Northeast Minneapolis, Partner to Jacob Sharbono, and Mama to two absolutely beautiful humans - Henry and Birdie.

My desire to help people on their voyage to parenthood started with my own pregnancy and, ultimately, my Doula assisted birth with Henry. While I've always been passionate about anatomy, particularly the reproductive system (I mean, c'mon, how insane is it that we grow humans in our bodies!?) it wasn't until I saw my very own positive pregnancy test that I began to explore the idea of personally supporting birthing people through their pregnancy and birth. 

I am a certified Birth Doula, CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor), as well as Certified Placenta Preparer, and I am ready and excited to help be there for you and your family during this amazing time. 

I love everything birth, boobies, and babies and I'm so happy you are considering bringing a Doula into your life!