doula package

This Package includes:

  • An Interview with me to make sure we'd be a good fit!

  • 1-2 prenatal visits to talk about your plans, your "dream birth", help with any fears you may have surrounding labor, and to make sure your partner feels comfortable with my presence

  • If you have any questions before the big day, I will be available by phone/text/email to help however I can

  • If you'd like for me to meet your care team (physician, midwife) I can accompany you to a prenatal visit during your 3rd trimester

  • Photos during and after birth

  • My notes on the birth - you may not remember things that were said, times, or other seemingly small things throughout the day. You'll be busy!

  • Up to 3 hours of support after the birth

  • In-Home visit during your first couple of weeks postpartum


doula + placenta

This Package includes everything in the Doula Package, plus Placenta Encapsulation

half of the payment will be required upon hire andthe other half will be by 37 weeks of pregnancy. if your baby decides to join us earlier than 37 weeks, payment can be made within 1 week of the birth.

**Please note that my rates are lower than other Twin City Doulas because I am still perfecting my skills as a Doula! I am  passionate about helping women achieve the birth they are dreaming of, but might have less experience than others who have been around longer!**