TRADITIONAL CHINESE METHOD: This is done based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practices which includes steaming the placenta before dehydration and including lemon, ginger, and hot peppers in the steaming process. It is believed that the lemon and pepper help the body absorb the placenta quicker and more effectively! 

RAW METHOD: The placenta goes straight from raw pieces to the dehydrator, skipping the steaming process altogether. You are likely to get more capsules from this method and people have reported high energy levels after ingesting a "raw" capsule. 


I'm giving birth in a hospital. How do you get my placenta?
Your placenta is your placenta. You are welcome to do with it as you please! But, just in case, know that all Twin Cities hospitals are required to let you take it after your birth so that your preparer can swing by and get it. Some providers may have different levels of helpfulness and may have different rules with how long it can be in the hospital, how it will be stored, etc. Just check with your provider ahead of time so you know what to expect!

How do I store my placenta while I wait for you to get it?
You are welcome to keep it in a double-bag inside a fridge (as long as you are ok with me getting it within 24 hours), in a bag inside a freezer (if you think you would rather wait more than a day), or in a cooler! If you just arent sure you would like to encapsulate your placenta, but want to keep the option open, please just double bag it and keep it in a deep freeze. When youre ready, reach out!

What if I am Group B Strep Positive? Or there was distress during my birth that involved meconium? 
No problem! You absolutely can still ingest your placenta. Extra precautions will be taken to make sure the meconium is removed from the placenta.

What if I have an epidural? Or a Cesarean?
Again, no problem! The medication from the epidural shouldnt effect the placenta, but its up to you to make that final decision if the possibility of medication being present outweighs the benefits of your placenta. 

Will you prepare the placenta in my home?
If you would rather the process take place in your own home, it can be done! Normally I would take your placenta to my home for preparation, as its a full days process, and then bring it back to you within 48 hours - but please let me know if you would rather it take place in your own environment. There is a particular smell that occurs while the placenta is dehydrating which can sometimes be off putting to a new parent!

Im sure you have more questions - its understandable - so please let me know if there is something else I can help with!