what are the benefits to placenta encapsulation?

"You want me to do WHAT with my WHAT?!"

I totally get it. It took me a while to get on board with ingesting my placenta. Its just so meaty, and bloody, and yucky, who would ever do that!? This practice is centuries old and is done by nearly every mammal on earth and is becoming increasingly more common, and acceptable, in American Culture.

While I'll admit its not the most researched topic in the world most parents report the following benefits after they ingest their encapsulated placenta:

  • Increased Milk Supply

  • More Energy

  • Replenished Iron Levels

  • Reduced feelings of sadness or Postpartum Depression

  • Reduced Postpartum Bleeding

  • Uterine Contractions - which helps your uterus reduce to its pre pregnancy size

  • Balanced Hormones

Ingesting your placenta may not be a cure all for all of the new joys, and woes, of parenthood but I have seen it do some truly wonderful things for some new parents! Some people even find that their placenta causes them to have too much energy and too much milk supply. 

If you have any more questions about the possibilities surrounding your placenta - please feel free to reach out!