what is a doula?

A Doula is your partner. Whether it be your husband, wife, partner, sister, best friend from grade school, or a DONA International Certified Doula (or, CD (DONA)) their responsibility is the same - they are the laboring persons partner during birth. A Doula ensures that the birthing person feels supported and nurtured through physical touch and reassurance, as well as emotional support and visualization, throughout each stage of labor. A Doula won't leave your side so you are confident they are there whenever you may need them. A Doula can help you recognize that you have the power to birth and to trust your body every step of the way! 

Did you know there there have been studies done where they found that births attended by Doulas tended to be shorter, had less complications, babies were healthier, and babies breastfed easier?
How cool is that!?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative and frightening images that run through most people's minds when you mention a small human passing through their body. Any TV or movie you've ever seen inevitably shows a woman lying on her back screaming while she pushes out a giant child in a brightly lit hospital room (did I mention that the father is late to the delivery and shes already at 10 cm, ready to push, even though her water just broke 3 minutes ago?) Her trusted Dr. is at a Bar Mitzvah in San Francisco so she'll have to take the rude stranger she briefly met in the hallway... Who wouldn't be frightened after that!? Its a Doulas job to make sure the birthing person feels comfortable enough to express those fears and concerns, without judgement, and help make sure they feels safe and ready to take this birth head on! Thats where it comes in handy to have a Doula by your side!

Long story short, a Doula is anything that you need for your birth experience. 

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out! Even if you aren't sure you would like to have a Doula present at your birth, I'm happy to help any parent feel confident about their birth experience.